[aspectc-user] how to access sliced fields

steven stevdev at web.de
Wed May 6 22:23:55 CEST 2009

hello folks,

I have a type 'Heap' defined in 'Heap.h' and 'Heap.cpp'.
I want to weave an instance field 'gc' into 'Heap' that is supposed
to be initialized in 'Heap's constructor. I defined a slice but I do
not know how to access a sliced member/ member function in an advice.

How can this be achieved?

#ifndef MARK_SWEEP
#define MARK_SWEEP

#include "GarbageCollector.h"

aspect MarkSweep{
    pointcut heapType() = "Heap";

    advice heapType():slice class{
    	 GarbageCollector* gc;
    	 void init(){ gc = new GarbageCollector();}

    advice construction(heapType()) && args(i): after(int i){
		//Heap::init(); ??



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