[aspectc-user] template instantiation regression

Michael Stilkerich stilkerich at cs.fau.de
Mon Mar 8 14:15:54 CET 2010

Hi again,

  in the course of updating AC++ to a current revision I discovered a regression related to template instantiation. Consider the following example (I tried to strip down the example as much as possible while still producing the problem):

------------------  test.cpp  ------------------
class ERROR_inttype_not_available {

template< bool FIRST, class A, class B > struct select  {
  typedef A T;

template< class A, class B > struct select< false, A, B > {
  typedef B T;

template< unsigned BYTES > struct int_t {
  typedef typename select< sizeof(int)==BYTES, int, ERROR_inttype_not_available>::T T;

void testfunc(int_t<4>::T i);

void test() {

------------------  test.ah  ------------------
aspect Test {
        advice call("% testfunc(...)"): around() {

While the above pointcut expression matches the call testfunc(3) with the old AC++ version (ac++ 1.0pre4 (Jun 21 2007)), it does not match with recent builds anymore. 

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