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Thu Feb 20 09:30:59 CET 2014

... I already answered yesterday, but accidentally used the wrong sender 
address. The mail was ignored by mailman. Sorry. Here comes the answer:

Hi again!

No, the "output source code" is standard-compliant C++ code. Only if ac++ 
"knows" that g++ is used as the back-end compiler (see --gnu option), some 
g++-specific code (attributes) is generated that improves the performance.

The only problem with other compilers is the input source code, namely header 
files that come with the compiler.

If that helps you, you could use g++ system header files for weaving your 
project (see ag++ --weave_only) and later use an arbitrary standard-compliant 
compiler to generate the machine code from the woven C++ code. This is possible. 
Sorry, if I misunderstood your question.

Best regards,

Olaf Spinczyk

On 02/19/2014 07:48 PM, guray ozen wrote:
> Dear All,
> Actually i have an another question. I suppose aspectc++ uses *.cpp files and
> *.ah files and merges them. i mean aspect++ generates final source code,
> right? So is that output source code related the backend compiler? If yes why?
> Regards,
> 2014-02-18 20:09 GMT+01:00 guray ozen <guray.ozen at gmail.com
> <mailto:guray.ozen at gmail.com>>:
>     Dear All,
>     I would like to ask, is it possible to use aspectc++ with other compilers?
>     For example CLANG / LLVM, icc. Actually my point is how can i add new
>     compiler? Because we are developing one of source-to-source compiler.
>     Maybe i can plug it with aspectc++.
>     Regards,
>     Güray Özen
>     ~grypp
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