[aspectc-user] Weaving in Macros

Olaf Spinczyk os at aspectc.org
Mon Jul 14 20:16:53 CEST 2014


It looks as if the signature of the base class is "sc_core::sc_module" 
(and not "sc_module"). Therefore, derived classes can only be matched by 

If you are not sure about how the signatures of your classes and 
functions look like, e.g. because macros or fancy templates are 
involved, compile your project and generate a project repository file 
(-r option). It contains all signatures of all functions and classes of 
your project. If you have that file (XML), you can use the -x option of 
ac++ 1.2 to match pointcut expressions against the model elements on the 
command line without having to compile the code.

BTW, derived("A") also matches "A" itself. If you don't want that, use 
derived("A") && !"A".

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Am 14.07.2014 17:44, schrieb Jannis Stoppe:
> Hi.
> The website states "AspectC++ Release 1.1 is available at the Download
> page. It has a faster and much better parser and supports weaving in
> macro-generated code." Do I need to enable something to actually be able
> to accomplish that? This aspect:
>      pointcut module() = derived("sc_module");
>      advice construction(module()) : after()
>      {
>          std::cout << "instance created: ...\n";
>      }
> Does nothing for instances that are created using the SC_MODULE macro...
> Which should be defined by SC_MODULE(user_module_name) struct
> user_module_name : ::sc_core::sc_module .
> Any idea what the problem might be? Thanks in advance.
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