[aspectc-user] Improvements for reference documentation around AspectC++ 2.0?

Markus Elfring Markus.Elfring at web.de
Sat Feb 27 19:45:24 CET 2016

> The new release, AspectC++ 2.0, is now available

I find this information interesting.

Now I have looked into the corresponding language reference documentation again.

1. How do you think about to publish it also in a HTML format structure?

2. Should such a document contain a version identification?

3. I have noticed that a link to the AspectC++ Programming Guide does not work
   at the moment. Where should it be usually stored on the server?

4. The "List of Examples" contains an entry "advice placement, ??".
   Which page number is missing here?

5. Would you like to use a monospace font for the XML file display
   under the chapter "Project Repository File For Example"?

6. How do you think about to start each chapter on a new page?

7. How does the promising description for the functionality "get(pointcut)"
   in the section "4.7 Variables" fit to the question "Will 'set' and 'get'
   be supported in the near future?" at an other place?

8. I am particularly interested in the handling of various functions.
* Would it be a bit more appropriate to refer to the identifier "MemPool::alloc"
  in the section "Example: function matching"?

* Can an advice become context-dependent?

* Do any attributes or special annotations matter?

* Is it possible to adjust a specific source code change by taking the function
  call hierarchy into account?

9. How are advice libraries evolving?


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