[aspectc-user] Improvements for reference documentation around AspectC++ 2.0?

Markus Elfring Markus.Elfring at web.de
Sun Feb 28 16:06:23 CET 2016

>> 5. Would you like to use a monospace font for the XML file display
>>    under the chapter "Project Repository File For Example"?
> Fixed.

How do you think about to check also the selection of a red font
for the display of the content outline on the pages three and four?

> This a matter of the latex style we use.

How do you think about to give figure 3 (Structure of the AspectC++ project
repository) room for its own page?

>>    http://aspectc.org/FAQ.php#faq12
> The FAQ was outdated. I modified the question and the answer so that it
> make more sense.

Did this change contain a typo?

Is the following wording better?

only work reliably if the variable is only accessed by its name.

Does the wording "complex static analyses" indicate a relationship to the
technology "data flow analysis"?

Does the information for the question "What about pure C code (no C++)?"
need any further updates?

>> * Can an advice become context-dependent?
> What do you mean by "context-dependent"?

Another use case:
Can a source code advice choose if a specific reaction is appropriate
for the selected programming language?
* Which are the circumstances when throwing of C++ exceptions will be supported?
* When will failure predicates indicate that a C function like "exit" or "abort"
  should be called?


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