[aspectc-user] How To Use ac++ In Visual C Project ?

Arefin Sami ssarefin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 22:42:10 CET 2016

1. I was trying to run the example code (helloworld) under windows. It
gives me the following error.
​g++: fatal error: -fuse-linker-plugin, but cyglto_plugin.dll not found
compilation terminated.
Compiling main.cc
hello.h:4: error: iostream: no such file or directory
world.ah:4: error: iostream: no such file or directory
error: Execution failed: ""C:\cygwin64\bin\ac++" --config
"C:\Users\arefi\AppData\Local\Temp\agx1F7D.tmp"  -p. -c "main.cc" -o
../Makefile.generic:28: recipe for target 'Junk/main.o' failed
make: *** [Junk/main.o] Error 1
2. Is there any way to use ac++ in visual studio 2008 C project ? Because,
pure-systems is not providing the add-in any more. I don't know how can I
use ac++ for visual c project. Any suggestion?
Thank you.

Best Regards
*Syed Samsul Arefin*
Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science
University of Manitoba, MB, Canada.
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