[aspectc-user] AscpectC++ with Qt using Qt Creator 4.0.2

E. Alberto Morales tyckazzo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 19:50:41 CET 2018

I want to use AspectC++ with Qt but i have a problem to compile the source

Let me explain:

* I downloaded the examples that were on the aspectc++ page and following
this tutorial: https://www.aspectc.org/doc/ac4qt.pdf.
* I downloaded aspectc++ 2.0 binaries and copy to /bin directory. Then i
set QMAKEFEATURES with the path of acxx.prf (in this step i also have a
problem but i solved with this instruction:
* This is the helloworld.pro (https://i.imgur.com/sMXFC4u.png) and as you
see acxx.prf is read.
* But when i want to build the project this error message appear (
https://i.imgur.com/eoWDCuQ.png) and this is compilation error (
* This is the aspect code: (https://i.imgur.com/CzYIYcc.png).

What could be the problem?
Can we help me to build the example project?
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