[aspectc-user] Usage of AspectC++ was: Question: how does ac++ link library?

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since ac++ does a source-to-source compilation/transformation from AC++ 
to C++, the output of ac++ is pure C++. You have to use your favorite 
compiler to actually compile this output to .o-files or executables.

The usage of AspectC++ requires several steps:

1. put all source code which should be "aspectized" and the aspect code
   in a directory (called PROJECT_DIR from now).

2. transform your aspect code from AspectC++ to C++


    this will create PROJECT_OUTPUTDIR if it does not exist and puts the
    generated source code into this directory.
    If your C++ files do not the suffix "cc", you have to use the -e
    option (See AspectC++ Announcement 0.7pre1 for informations on -e
    usage). You have to give ac++ all your -I and -D options your
    compiler requires in step 3.

3. Put the makefile for your  project into PROJECT_OUTPUTDIR. The
   makefile should call the normal compiler, e.g. g++ in the usual way.
   Here goes your -l option.
   If you see an ac_gen.cc (generated from ac++) , you have compile this
   file too, and link it to your application/put it in your lib.

   An example call to g++ could look like this (assuming your program is
   implemented in "my_app.cc":

       g++ -o my_app my_app.cc ac_gen.cc -LSUPER_LIB_DIR -lsuper_lib 

- Run your aspectized app :-)


Look at the "test" section of the supplied Makefile in the AspectC++
tar/zip to see our example build rules.


Hong Yuan wrote:
> Hello
> For now ac++ doesn't allow using -l option and -L option
> for linking library, while we usually use these options
> for linking in gcc/g++. If I want to use ac++ to compile
> my source files which include some functions defined in
> such libraries as <pthead.h>, how can I link the libraries
> in command-line? Does AspectC++ 0.7pre improve this?

> Thanks,
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