[aspectc-user] compilation problem: invalid member declaration near token`restrict'

Dmitri Chelenine dosler at gmx.de
Sat Dec 11 22:13:56 CET 2004

I'm trying to compile the puma with vc71 under windows, and getting the following weaving stopper:

d:/piant/extlib/puma/gen/step1/inc/Puma/CTypeQualified.h:33: error: invalid member declaration near token `restrict'
d:/piant/extlib/puma/gen/step1/inc/Puma/CTypeQualified.h:52: error: invalid declaration near token `:'

For all .cc files in gen/step1/src folder
I don't get it because the CTypeQualified.h has the following declaration:

30: class CTypeQualified : public CTypeInfo {
31:     bool _Const;
32:     bool _Volatile;
33:     bool _Restrict;
35: protected:
36:    CTypeQualified (CTypeInfo *, bool, bool, bool, TypeId );
(... the rest skipped...)

There isn't even a `restrict' but `_Restrict'!
Could anybody help me out here?

Thank you in advance,
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