[aspectc-user] Usage Limitation of AspectC++

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Feb 2 12:08:50 CET 2004


shyam sunder wrote:
> I tried using ac++ with g++ 3.3 and got a whole bunch
> of errors just by including <vector>. But it works
> well with g++ 2.95 (but thats of 0 use for me).
> Also, I don't think they support template classes yet.
> I wrote up a small test program and none of the
> point-cut expressions I tried helped.
> Shyam
> --- Elisha Berns <e.berns at computer.org> wrote:
>>I have noticed on some posting that there were
>>problems using AspectC++
>>with parts, if not all, of the C++ STL.  Can anybody
>>comment on what
>>parts of the STL and the C++ standard headers
>>currently work with AC++?
>>And of course what parts just don't work yet?
>>Elisha Berns
>>e.berns at computer.org
>>tel. (310) 556 - 8332
>>fax (310) 556 - 2839

ac++ is still not able to parse the STL header files that come with g++ 
3.x. I am optimistic that we can fix at least most of these problems 
during this month (until release 0.8 - not in pre1).

The g++ 2.9x headers can be parsed with only very few exceptions. Maybe 
it helps in your case to install the g++ 2.9x header files somewhere on 
your machine and configure ac++ in your config file to use the old 
headers while your C++ compiler uses the 3.x headers, of course.

Concerning templates you are right. Currently ac++ can neither weave in 
templates nor weave advice for calls to template functions or members of 
template classes. This will be the next major step forward after dealing 
with the g++ 3.x STL header files.


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