[aspectc-user] RE: help

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Jan 19 11:05:19 CET 2004


saurabhj at mastek.com wrote:
> I created a header file INANZUsermanager_AOP.h and includedall .hpp files in that now my tree is like this:
> Usermanager
>  |
>  |--- INANZusermanager_UserManagerImpl.cpp
>  |--- INANZUsermanager_AOP.ah
>  |--- INANZUsermanager_AOP.h 
>  |--- other1.hpp
>  |--- other2.cpp
>  |--- blah, blah, blah
> after that I tried the command given by you 
> ac++ -p usermanager -d usermanager-out -I Usermanager -ecpp -v9
> i got following :
> (1) compiler started looking for other template related header files and cpp files and giving error at 2-3 places, i.e.
>  string : No such file or directory
>  list   : No such file or directory
>  map    : No such file or directory

This shows that your puma.config file is not setup correctly. Make sure 
that you have g++ 2.95 or g++ 2.96 header files installed somewhere on 
your machine and that the -I options in the puma.config point to these 
directories. If you have a system where this old compiler is installed 
the puma.config file can easily be generated with pumag++conf.pl. If you 
have a more recent compiler you have to install the old header files by 
hand and edit the generated puma.config file. Note that ac++ currently 
can't parse the STL part of g++ 3.x header files. Don't forget to set 
the PUMA_CONFIG environment variable.

> (2) if i remove -ecpp option it is compiling  perfectly and creating a new directory usermanager-out. it is also creating a file ac_gen.cc but not creating a new file INANZusermanager_UserManagerImpl.cpp in directory usermanager-out .

That works, because your cpp file is neither parsed nor manipulated. You 
have to use -e cpp.



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