[aspectc-user] current release (0.7.2) unusable due to bug 137

thiagoacorrea thiagoacorrea at uol.com.br
Mon Jan 19 16:39:18 CET 2004

<a href="http://www.aspectc.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?
id=137">Bug 137</a>, taken as Severity "Normal" should be 
considered blocking since it prevents you from using 
AspectC++ with code that depends on the STL.

You don't need to do any fancy thing to be hit by the bug, 
for example, by just adding "#include <string>" to the Order 
example you will get this:

C:\AC>ac++ -p examples\Order -d examples\Order-out -
Iexamples\Order -v9
* Running ac++ 0.7.2
* Simple Dependency Check
* Handling Translation Unit `main.cc'.
  - Path "examples/Order/main.cc"
C:/Arquivos de programas/Microsoft Visual 
Studio/VC98/include/xstring:108: error
: redefinition of `append'
C:/Arquivos de programas/Microsoft Visual 
Studio/VC98/include/xstring:100: previ
ously defined here

May someone please take the issue more seriously, as it 
prevents using ac++ on any non-trivial C++ project. I can't 
find any way of working around this :(

Thanks in advance and best regards,
  Thiago A. Correa

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