[aspectc-user] current release (0.7.2) unusable due to bug 137

Danilo Beuche danilo.beuche at pure-systems.com
Tue Jan 20 09:52:19 CET 2004


the same problem was sometimes ago mentioned on the mailing list.
My answer was

The problem is probably due to some missing #define for ac++. Please 
have a look in the specified file  C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual 
Studio/VC98/Include/xstring around line 100 for any suspicious #ifdef 
Add the required defines either to your command line or to the 

Please make sure that you use the right PUMA_CONFIG (pumavc7.cfg)!

If someone would send us the problematic lines from the xstring include 
we could put the right stuff into an pumavc6.cfg. Maybe you should try 
the modifications of Frank Prantl (yesterday on the mailing list). If 
this still does not work, the problem should be considered more serious 


thiagoacorrea wrote:

> <a href="http://www.aspectc.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?
> id=137">Bug 137</a>, taken as Severity "Normal" should be 
> considered blocking since it prevents you from using 
> AspectC++ with code that depends on the STL.
> You don't need to do any fancy thing to be hit by the bug, 
> for example, by just adding "#include <string>" to the Order 
> example you will get this:
> C:\AC>ac++ -p examples\Order -d examples\Order-out -
> Iexamples\Order -v9
> * Running ac++ 0.7.2
> * Simple Dependency Check
> * Handling Translation Unit `main.cc'.
>   - Path "examples/Order/main.cc"
> C:/Arquivos de programas/Microsoft Visual 
> Studio/VC98/include/xstring:108: error
> : redefinition of `append'
> C:/Arquivos de programas/Microsoft Visual 
> Studio/VC98/include/xstring:100: previ
> ously defined here
> C:\AC>
> May someone please take the issue more seriously, as it 
> prevents using ac++ on any non-trivial C++ project. I can't 
> find any way of working around this :(
> Thanks in advance and best regards,
>   Thiago A. Correa
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