[aspectc-user] Problem compiling Puma

Jérôme Cornet Jerome.Cornet at imag.fr
Mon Nov 29 17:25:30 CET 2004

On lundi 29 Novembre 2004 16:07, Olaf Spinczyk wrote:
> Hi Jérôme,
> it should work if you compile with 'make TARGET=linux-release', because
> the weaving process (for the woven source code) was done with the
> linux-release configuration. The problem is that we don't want to make
> woven code for all possible configurations. We simply selected one.
> If you want a non-release (debug) build, you have to weave Puma with the
> binary ac++ for linux on your own or ask for it directly.

Hi Olaf,

thanks for your quick answer, this solve my problem of compiling from woven 

What about the second part of my question? If I want to compile Puma from 
unwoven sources, how can I correct the "assert.h does not exist" error? I 
have tried with -I directives but others problems then appear.

Thanks again!


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