[aspectc-user] Problem compiling Puma

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Tue Nov 30 09:44:45 CET 2004

Hi Jérôme,

Jérôme Cornet wrote:
> On lundi 29 Novembre 2004 16:07, Olaf Spinczyk wrote:
>>Hi Jérôme,
>>it should work if you compile with 'make TARGET=linux-release', because
>>the weaving process (for the woven source code) was done with the
>>linux-release configuration. The problem is that we don't want to make
>>woven code for all possible configurations. We simply selected one.
>>If you want a non-release (debug) build, you have to weave Puma with the
>>binary ac++ for linux on your own or ask for it directly.
> Hi Olaf,
> thanks for your quick answer, this solve my problem of compiling from woven 
> sources.
> What about the second part of my question? If I want to compile Puma from 
> unwoven sources, how can I correct the "assert.h does not exist" error? I 
> have tried with -I directives but others problems then appear.
> Thanks again!
> Jérôme

oops, sorry.

This problem occurs, because you probably did not define the PUMA_CONFIG 
environment variable for ac++. Let me explain: ac++  needs a parser 
configuration file, usually called puma.config. The file describes the 
predefined preprocessor macros and standard include paths of your g++. 
ac++ accesses the file via the PUMA_CONFIG environment variable, which 
you therefore have to define before calling ac++ (or building Puma!).

If you use ac++ together with g++, you can generate puma.config with:

ag++ --gen_config -o puma.config

The ag++ command is located in the AspectC++ directory of the binary 
ac++ tarball. Note that you have to use the absolute path to puma.config 
when you define PUMA_CONFIG, e.g.

export PUMA_CONFIG=/home/jerome/aspectc++-0.9/puma.config

I hope that's all.


PS: This should, of course, be better described in the README/INSTALL 
file of Puma ;-). I'll extend it as soon as possible.

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