[aspectc-user] set and get methods

Paolo Calafiura pcalafiura at lbl.gov
Sun Oct 10 17:20:21 CEST 2004

Hi Hans,
 since nobody bites, here is what we are doing in our project while 
waiting for "set": we add a pointcut covering all the non-const methods 
of a class (plus its structors). Assuming, and I know this is often a 
strong assumption, your code is const correct that should give you a 
good hook to check your battery power, while waiting for the "set" 
method to appear

Hans VB wrote:

> Hello!
> For my thesis I want to use AspectC to log changes in variables. The 
> reason for this is that each data-access requires battery power in a 
> mobile embedded system and with AspectC we would like to predict 
> necessary power.
> Ofcourse, the set-method would be ideal here, unfortunately it's not 
> supported yet (yes I've also read the FAQ so I understand a bit some 
> of its complexities).
> With this mail I'd like to inform about the current status of the 
> implementation of set and get. Will we see something of it in version 
> 1.0 ? And when are you planning on releasing 1.0 ? Would it maybe be 
> possible to work with a pre-pre-release (or whatever) that would 
> support a 'light' version of the set-functionality which would suffice 
> for our specific problem?
> Thanks,
> Hans
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