[aspectc-user] set and get methods

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Oct 11 10:40:54 CEST 2004

Hi Hans and Paolo,

Paolo Calafiura wrote:
> Hi Hans,
> since nobody bites, here is what we are doing in our project while 
> waiting for "set": we add a pointcut covering all the non-const methods 
> of a class (plus its structors). Assuming, and I know this is often a 
> strong assumption, your code is const correct that should give you a 
> good hook to check your battery power, while waiting for the "set" 
> method to appear
>  Paolo
> Hans VB wrote:
>> Hello!
>> For my thesis I want to use AspectC to log changes in variables. The 
>> reason for this is that each data-access requires battery power in a 
>> mobile embedded system and with AspectC we would like to predict 
>> necessary power.
>> Ofcourse, the set-method would be ideal here, unfortunately it's not 
>> supported yet (yes I've also read the FAQ so I understand a bit some 
>> of its complexities).
>> With this mail I'd like to inform about the current status of the 
>> implementation of set and get. Will we see something of it in version 
>> 1.0 ? And when are you planning on releasing 1.0 ? Would it maybe be 
>> possible to work with a pre-pre-release (or whatever) that would 
>> support a 'light' version of the set-functionality which would suffice 
>> for our specific problem?
>> Thanks,
>> Hans

I'm sorry for answering so late, but I am very very busy these days.

As already explained in the FAQ, it is not trivial to reimplement the 
'set' and 'get' join point concept from AspectJ in AspectC++. At the 
moment we are trying to make the ac++ implementation ready for real 
world projects. For example, we spend a lot of time in parser 
improvements. New features, like set and get, have a lower priority 
until version 1.0. BTW, we hope to release 1.0 by march (see the roadmap 
on www.aspectc.org).

Nevertheless, we are very much interested in your "specific problems" 
and what you would require from a "light version" of set and get. Maybe 
it is possible to find a workaround, by using standard C++ features (as 
assignment operators combined with template tricks), by using existing 
AspectC++ features (as in Paolo's approach), or by carefully extending 
AspectC++. Could you give us some typical examples? What restrictions 
could you accept?


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