[aspectc-user] AspectC++ self-dependency for compile

Antonio S. de A. Terceiro asaterceiro at inf.ufrgs.br
Wed Oct 20 02:12:38 CEST 2004

Hello all,

This discussion started at AspectC++ Bugzilla. Lokk at bug #202 for
further information:

As Matthias asked me, I'm posting here my last additional comment there:

> I realized that I'd need a precompiled ac++, but my point is that ac++
> *should not* depend on itself to compile.
> One example of negative consequences of this self-dependency: one of my goals
> compiling AspectC++ is to package it for Debian. But if we need a non-basic,
> precompiled binary to compile AspectC++, it we'll be included only in i386
> architecture, when it could be included in all 11 architectures! And I'm not
> sure if Debian policies would permit a package with a self-dependency to
> compile.
> What are the crosscuttin concerns in libPuma? Are they important
> enough to make a self dependencie like that? is they are not
> functional (regarding libPuma functionality), could they be moved to
> another Makefile target, e.g.  `make with-debug`, perhaps using the
> newly-built ac++ to build a special version of libPuma?
> Again: any plans on using GNU auto* tools? ;-)


Antonio S. de A. Terceiro <asaterceiro at inf.ufrgs.br>

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