[aspectc-user] Announcement: AspectC++ Talk on GPCE/OOPSLA 2004 (Vancouver)

Daniel Lohmann daniel.lohmann at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Wed Oct 20 15:46:55 CEST 2004


The AspectC++ team is going to held a talk on the GPCE conference ( 
http://www.program-transformation.org/twiki/bin/view/Gpce ):

Daniel Lohmann, Georg Blaschke, and Olaf Spinczyk:
"Generic Advice: On the Combination of AOP with Generative Programming 
in AspectC++"
In Proceedings of GPCE'04, October 24th-28th, 2004, Vancouver, Canada.
LNCS (3286), pp. 55-74,

The paper (and the talk) is about using template-metaprogramming 
techniques for highly reusable and efficient aspect implementations. It 
demonstrates some parts of the new compile-time join point API of 

GPCE is co-located with OOPSLA and ISMM this year. OOPSLA participants 
are entitled  to join GPCE talks and vice versa. So if you are 
interested in AspectC++ and going to stay in Vancouver over the next 
week, take the opportunity to meet us or to join the talk, which is 
scheduled at Wed 1:30.

Looking forward meeting you in Vancouver


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