[aspectc-user] AspectC++ self-dependency for compile

Antonio S. de A. Terceiro asaterceiro at inf.ufrgs.br
Wed Oct 20 21:11:01 CEST 2004

Matthias Urban escreveu isso aĆ­:
> Hi Antonio,
> >So, if you (the AspectC++ team) could distribute already-woven
> >sources as another option when downloading, it would be very
> >valuable.
> >
> >Even if bigger (how much bigger are we talking about? ;-)).
> 3-5 times bigger, i.e. 4MB using bzip2, 6,5MB using gzip, and 8MB
> using zip.

Well, it would be nice if you could distribute the woven sources anyway.

They will be necessary until first release of the package goes into
Debian . Since the woven sources can be compiled for any architecture,
it will make possible compile it for all architectures.

After that, it's "just" make a second release with original (not woven)
sources, using the already avaliable binary package (previously compiled
with woven sources). I've checked, and it seems that's ok to Debian
packages having build-dependency on themselves.


Antonio S. de A. Terceiro <asaterceiro at inf.ufrgs.br>

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