[aspectc-user] set and get methods

Hans VB hans.vanbroeckhoven at telenet.be
Thu Sep 30 16:57:12 CEST 2004


For my thesis I want to use AspectC to log changes in variables. The 
reason for this is that each data-access requires battery power in a 
mobile embedded system and with AspectC we would like to predict 
necessary power.
Ofcourse, the set-method would be ideal here, unfortunately it's not 
supported yet (yes I've also read the FAQ so I understand a bit some of 
its complexities).
With this mail I'd like to inform about the current status of the 
implementation of set and get. Will we see something of it in version 
1.0 ? And when are you planning on releasing 1.0 ? Would it maybe be 
possible to work with a pre-pre-release (or whatever) that would support 
a 'light' version of the set-functionality which would suffice for our 
specific problem?


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