[aspectc-user] could AspectC++ documentation be made free?

Daniel Lohmann daniel.lohmann at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Sat Feb 12 11:51:46 CET 2005

Antonio S. de A. Terceiro wrote:

>Hello AspectC++ team. That's me again, bothering you with issues about
>packaging AspectC++ to Debian. :-)
You are welcome :-)

>I've noted that most of AspectC++ distributed documentation in not free.
>The documents say nothing about licenses or say explicitly "All rights
>This makes impossible to include AspectC++ in a official Debian package. 
>If you can make the documentation free, and if it's not an abuse from
>me, let me suggest a license:
>if the documentation can't be free, please don't distribute it together
>with the source code tarball (which if free).
AFAIK the documentation was never intended to be not free. The current 
license issue seems to be more a kind of oversight, we are going to 
change this. Of course we have to ask all contributers first, but I 
don't expect any problems. Thanks a lot for pointing out this!

>Yet, if it can be free, I'd suggest to distribute only the LyX inputs
>together with the sources, since the PDF's can be genereated from them,
>or even distribute it in HTML instead of PDF.
HTML is currently not an option (poor formatting, printing, full-text 
search capabilities). As many users don't have a running LyX or even TeX 
installation (Solaris, Windows,  MacOS...), it also makes sense to 
include the PDF versions.
(I personally don't like the idea of having to *build* documentation at 
all. It is too often an annoying task because of  missing tools, 
incompatible configurations and so on. IMHO PDF is just perfect.)

Have fun!


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