[aspectc-user] adding variables and using them

Jamal Siadat siadat at cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Fri Jul 15 03:20:30 CEST 2005

I have a class A whcih I have extended it with a single variable int x,
using an aspect. now I want to initialize this variable only when a
certain method a in class A is invoked:
advice call("% A::a(...)") : before(). which I included in a second aspect
A2. I cant just initialize x in this advice since it is not part of A2
resulting in me having to extend TWO from A( aspect A2: public A). The
issue here is that the initialized x in A2 is not part of A. so when the
initialization is performed in A2, the object of A which called this
method does not have x initialized therefor yielding the wrong result. Can
anyone help me with this one please?

A more code based explanation:
 aspect Cache  {
pointcut shapes() = "A";
advice shapes() :   int x;

aspect A2 :public A {
   advice call("% A::a(...)") : around()  {

int main () {
  A a;
  a.a ("hello", 3.14);
  cout <<"x is: "<<a.x<<endl;
  OUTPUT: x is: 134515452  , but i need to get the 0 that I initialized it
to. Is there anyway to get this result? If there is anyway to write A2
without extending A, it should work. but i cant seem to think of any.

sorry for the silly questins and thaks for all your help,

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