[aspectc-user] How can I use ac++ together with g++ 3.x?

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Tue Jul 19 09:47:10 CEST 2005


Mariano Ceccato wrote:
> I've several problems while compiling a real existing c++ project with 
> ag++.
> To do that I simply changed the makefile, I replaced the "g++" compiler 
> by "ag++", but this doesn't work.
> In the fourth FAQ in the aspectc website I found something that can be 
> useful for me.
> There, you say that ag++ supports only the g++ 2.95 header files and you 
> suggest to use them in order to compile the project.
> How can I change the header file directory?
> Is that solution working out-of-the-box, or does it require some manual 
> adjustments?
> Many regards,
> Mariano

forget this FAQ #4. I'll remove it in a few minutes, because it is not 
true anymore. ac++ does not parse g++ 2.95 code better than g++ 3.x 
code. Using g++ 3.x is recommended.

As I wrote a few days ago on this list, applying ac++ for weaving in 
existing real-world projects in most cases causes trouble at the 
beginning, e.g. parse errors. The problems have to be eliminated step by 
step. Normally, there are only a few problems, which occur at many 
places. Therefore, the error list might by overwhelming. However, with 
some patience it usually works at the end. I'll try to help you.

Best regards,


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