[aspectc-user] Bootstrapping question

epronk at muftor.com epronk at muftor.com
Thu Nov 10 11:28:56 CET 2005


I'm trying to build the latest aspectc tools from source without using
pre-build binaries. Is there a recipe to do this?

I guessed it would be possible to first build an old version and then step
by step build the latest version.

I can build a ac++ with gcc-2.95 from aspectc++-0.7.2-Sources.tar.gz
Next step I guess would be to build Puma.
- 0.8 can't find the standard includes like assert.h
- 0.9 wants to build ag++ first.
- in newer versions many stringstream fixes are already done.

what would be the next step? and which gcc version?

It is fascinating to see how the project became self hosting and I
understand it is a lot of efford to make it self-bootstrapping like perl

Any suggestions which route to take?


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