[aspectc-user] Re: Symbian meet Aspect C++

Fabian Scheler fabian.scheler at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 22:59:17 CEST 2005

Hi Marti,

> However what does it means other_stuff_you_need ?
> -i <other_stuff_you_need>
> Do you have to define all your include files behind the -i ?

no, <other_stuff_you_need> has nothing to do with the option '-i',
<other_stuff_you_need> are just other options you may need for some
reason. I expressed this a bit awkwardly.

> I am just wondering about that not because I need to do library. The main
> reason is the error I am having ...
>  ../SRC-AH-OUT/Guihelperclasses.cpp:1248: no `void
> NConfigDataGUI::__exec_old_SetEqualizerPresetSelection(long unsigned int)'
>     member function declared in class `NConfigDataGUI'
>  It makes sense because the following method is not defined ...
>  __exec_old_SetEqualizerPresetSelection

hm, this is strange. Normally ac++ expands all headers in the woven
source file, so also the header where class `NConfigDataGUI' is
defined should be expanded inside Guihelperclasses.cpp, and there a
proper declaration of __exec_old_SetEqualizerPresetSelection should be
woven into the class definition. By the way, you are complaining about
a missing declaration, not a missing definition, do you? In your
preceeding postings you also posted a definition:

inline void NConfigDataGUI::__exec_old_SetEqualizerPresetSelection(unsigned
long int value){
 m_iEqualizerPresetSelection = value;
I can only think of two possibilities:

1. The header containing the definition of class `NConfigDataGUI' is
somehow not included into the file Guihelperclasses.cpp, but then ac++
should complain about that. This would be a bug within the parser of
ac++, that seems pretty improbable to me.
2. A bug in the code generation, what in this case seems also quite
improbable to me.

I must be missing something ... are there any typedefs or macros that
somehow affect this class?

Maybe Olaf knows more???

Ciao, Fabian

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