[aspectc-user] Re: Auto-discard notification

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Feb 16 12:43:02 CET 2006

Hello Szczepan,

you have to subscribe before you can post to aspectc-user. I'm sorry, 
but this is necessary to avoid spam on the mailing list.

Regarding your mingw problem, you should read Georg Blaschke's mail from 
12/20/2005 on aspectc-user (you'll find it at the list archive at 
aspectc.org). It might be the same problem.

Best regards,


aspectc-user-bounces at aspectc.org wrote:
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> Subject:
> Are archives of this list searchable in any way?
> From:
> Szczepan Hołyszewski <rulatir at wp.pl>
> Date:
> Wed, 15 Feb 2006 21:35:34 +0100
> To:
> <aspectc-user at aspectc.org>
> To:
> <aspectc-user at aspectc.org>
> Can I search this list's archives without subscribing? I don't see any 
> obvious way, am I missing something?
> I am asking because I know that the following must be a FAQ:
> I am completely new to AspectC++ and when I try to build even a simple 
> C++ HelloWorld (no AC features used, though aspect weaver enabled in the 
> Eclipse ACDT project), I am getting literally thousands of "invalid 
> declaration" errors, basically on every function declaration in included 
> standard headers. I use MinGW. I can build the project without problems 
> when I deactivate the aspect weaver.
> Best regards,
> Szczepan Holyszewski

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