[aspectc-user] Different aspect files in the directory

Dimple dkaul at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Fri Jan 27 23:15:31 CET 2006

Hi Olaf,
I have one question. If we have couple of aspect file like a.ah, b.ah ...
representing various different functionalities we want to implement or you
can say we have number of specialization files. Like in a product line
architecture, for a particular product variant there can be different
features sets. So a product variant can have one such specialization file
like a.ah with some set of cross cutting concerns.
Now I want to know is that is there a way to specify which specialization
files to use. Means if we have all the file in that directory, how can we
make compiler pick only a.ah and not b.ah file. May be some setting or
something like that.

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