[aspectc-user] Small API addition request.

Robert Scott lists at riscott.ukfsn.org
Tue Nov 14 05:07:34 CET 2006

Hi all,

Thanks for your time and great detailed answers so far. I can now go back and 
fix the Template problem I'd left on hiatus before.

I've come up against the first piece of API magick I don't know if I can do 
without. I am writing classes that build a master database of an entire 
project, and along the way I'm dealing with eradication of duplicates and 
merging of classes that contain function members in more than one source 
file. I'm having to do a bit of re-jigging of the classes to make the graph 
remain consistent.

What I really need to be able to do is re-assign pointers by numbers to 
objectinfos. i.e. Wherever you can do a call in the style of 

int FunctionInfos ();
CFunctionInfo * FunctionInfo ( int );

 ( the current ones I'm working with are BaseClasses (), FunctionInfos (), 
Friends () ) 

I need to be able to re-point the entries along the lines of

void setFunctionInfo ( int , CFunctionInfo * );

The alternative is keeping a complex register of what's been removed and 
readded (thus changing the numbering) while iterating over the functions or 
maybe even doing some horrible horrible memory tricks to copy my desired 
CObjectInfo into the space already pointed to.



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