[aspectc-user] Puma.

Robert Scott lists at riscott.ukfsn.org
Fri Oct 27 03:51:30 CEST 2006

On Monday 23 October 2006 21:47, Matthias Urban wrote:
> It's still in development. There are some bugs to fix, some missing
> semantic analyses, some features to implement. And of course a lot to
> document.

Following on from my earlier queries, could anyone please tell me what the 
mysterious third 'm' integer parameter in CCParser::parse() does?

If I leave it as the default 0, I get a SIGSEGV in Builder::Delete () (I can 
provide a backtrace*), if I set it to > 0, I get different behaviours, but 
all of them leave me with an empty CTranslationUnit::tree().

Many thanks,


* - Did I mention that your weaving process makes debugging really difficult?

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