[aspectc-user] Compiler Release: AspectC for Aspect-oriented Programming with C

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Fri Oct 27 09:47:50 CEST 2006

Hi Michael, dear AspectC++ users,

please let me clarify something:

The "AspectC" project from the University of Toronto is *not* related to 
AspectC++ (in the sense that there is no overlap of developers). It is 
okay that you advertise for your project once on this list, but I don't 
want any bug reports or discussions about AspectC here.

"AspectC" from Toronto is AFAIK also not related to "AspectC" from the 
University of British Columbia.

You had better chosen a different name. ;-)

Best regards,


Michael Gong wrote:
> Hi, all,
> This is to release AspectC, an aspect-oriented extension for C 
> programming.  AspectC applies the concepts of aspect-oriented 
> programming to the C programming language.
> The AspectC compiler is available from:
>          http://www.AspectC.net
> AspectC offers:
> 1. an aspect-oriented extension to C and aspect-oriented software 
> development for C
> 2. ANSI-C compliance and gcc source-compatibility
> 3. compiler and generated code portability
> 4. seamless Linux, Solaris and Windows support
> 5. simple integration in existing builds and code transparency through 
> source-to-source transformations
> 6. an open source license and compiler.
> AspectC enables:
> 1. modularization of crosscutting concerns for C-based software
> 2. research on concern separation tailored to C and imperative programming
> 3. research on aspect-orientation for C-based systems
> 4. development of highly customizable and easily configurable software in C
> 5. development of feature-rich software product lines in C.
> AspectC is battle proven on about 80 3rd year undergraduate students at 
> the University of Toronto taking an introductory operating systems 
> course. Course assignments are linked form the AspectC.net web site.
> The main features supported by the AspectC Compiler include:
> 1. function call and execution join points
> 2. before, after and around advice
> 3. call(), execution(), args(), cflow(), infile(), infunc(), result() 
> pointcuts
> 4. args() to expose the address of an argument
> 5. &&, ||, ! operators for composite pointcut definitions
> 6. named pointcut definitions
> 7. proceed() call
> 8. wildcard character matching in pointcut declarations
> 9. support for call join points of functions only having declarations, 
> without definitions
> 10. recognition of the following extended gcc keywords:
>           __extension__, __const, __attribute__,
>           __builtin_va_list,__restrict, __inline, __inline__,
>           __alignof__, __asm, asm
> 11. thread-safe code for cflow() support
> 12. static crosscutting support: through intype() pointcut and 
> introduce() advice to add a new member to a struct/union type
> 13. reflective information at join points
> AspectC is open-source and can be downloaded from http://www.AspectC.net .
> The AspectC website also includes tutorials, examples, manuals, etc.
> Feedback and suggestions are welcome.
> AspectC Compiler Development Team (http://www.AspectC.net)
> Middleware Systems Research Group
> University of Toronto
> Canada
> Michael Gong and Hans-Arno Jacobsen
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