[aspectc-user] Project CClassDatabase.

Robert Scott lists at riscott.ukfsn.org
Tue Oct 31 03:37:33 CET 2006


Following on from my previous questions, it seems that with the current 
CTranslationUnit/CClassDatabase/CCSemVisitor relationships mean that it's not 
possible to semantically analyse a whole project without analysing the common 
headers n times. With a large project to analyse, this is a problem, as 99% 
of the analysed source is a tree of headers. A simple metadatabase woudn't 
really help this situation, and would cause the common headers to be stored 
in memory n times. With the projects I'm working on, there are approximately 
400 ClassInfos created per source file.

Is analysing a project at a project-wide scope (as opposed to a file scope) 
simply infeasible with puma, or are there some simple tricks I'm missing?


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