[aspectc-user] full template support?

Mike Mortensen mmo at fc.hp.com
Sat Jul 14 23:17:32 CEST 2007

Hi Olaf,

I typically weave advice into code which uses (i.e. through parameters)
templatized code, but recently I ran into a case where I want to weave
advice into the methods of a templatized class.

When I tried, my ac++ call crashes (seg fault).  I can't post the (HP)
code to bugzilla, but should I just wait to try it out when the new
version (1.0pre4) of AspectC++ comes out, to see if the weave works
with my template?

If so, when do you expect the new version out?
Thanks -- for all you and the AspectC++ developers do!

> Hello Yi,
> sorry for the late answer, but you had difficult questions that raised
> some discussions.
> As you know, the --real-instances mode is only experimental. It works
> for some people and for others it doesn't.
> The next release will be called 1.0pre4. It will not contain full
> template support, yet. The main improvement will be a new persistent
> join-point model. We hope to have this version ready by end of this
> month. Parser improvements will follow after 1.0pre4.
> Furthermore, all AspectC++ related sources will move into a new svn
> repository, which will support anonymous read-only access. Thereby, it
> will no longer be necessary to wait for the next release, when you are
> interested in bug fixes or minor improvements.
> Best regards,
> Olaf

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