[aspectc-user] full template support?

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Tue Jul 17 10:36:35 CEST 2007

Hi Mike,

I'm sorry, but the new release is delayed again. In a few days I will
move from Erlangen, where I live and work now, to Dortmund. Therefore,
other things have a higher priority at the moment.

I'm also not very optimistic that the 1.0pre4 version will solve your
problem. The version will contain a number of parser improvements and
call advice for template functions or members functions of class
templates will work much better, but weaving within template code will
still not be supported.

Very soon after I will have arrived in Dortmund, we will enable the
anonymous access to our svn repository. Then you can build and test it.
I hope to finish the 1.0pre4 release by end of August. By end of
September we plan to install our new (already developed) test and build
system at the University of Dortmund (we have to buy the server first).
Then we will have daily builds and you will be able to set up a test
host that could, for instance, compile your HP system whenever the ac++
sources in the svn repository are changed without having to give us
access to your confidential code.

Best regards,


Mike Mortensen wrote:
> Hi Olaf,
> I typically weave advice into code which uses (i.e. through parameters)
> templatized code, but recently I ran into a case where I want to weave
> advice into the methods of a templatized class.
> When I tried, my ac++ call crashes (seg fault).  I can't post the (HP)
> code to bugzilla, but should I just wait to try it out when the new
> version (1.0pre4) of AspectC++ comes out, to see if the weave works
> with my template?
> If so, when do you expect the new version out?
> Thanks -- for all you and the AspectC++ developers do!
> -Mike
>> Hello Yi,
>> sorry for the late answer, but you had difficult questions that raised
>> some discussions.
>> As you know, the --real-instances mode is only experimental. It works
>> for some people and for others it doesn't.
>> The next release will be called 1.0pre4. It will not contain full
>> template support, yet. The main improvement will be a new persistent
>> join-point model. We hope to have this version ready by end of this
>> month. Parser improvements will follow after 1.0pre4.
>> Furthermore, all AspectC++ related sources will move into a new svn
>> repository, which will support anonymous read-only access. Thereby, it
>> will no longer be necessary to wait for the next release, when you are
>> interested in bug fixes or minor improvements.
>> Best regards,
>> Olaf
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