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Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Sun Mar 18 14:44:21 CET 2007


Renjie Li wrote:
> Dear Olaf: I want to ask some question about AOP and AspectC++.
> First, how can I use the ac++ binary with VC++6.0 on the WIN32
> platform? Though I have donloaded the ac++ compiler manual from
> http://www.aspectc.org and read README.win32 seriously,I still can not
> learn to use the ac++ binary with VC++6.0. I know that this ac++
> binary is not recommended to be used with VC++6.0, but it does not
> mean it can't be used.

I'm sorry, you can't use ac++ in conjunction with VC++ 6.0. This
compiler is so far away from being standard-compliant that it doesn't
make sense for us to support it.
> Second, why the source file suffix in the examples is .cc? I have
> download the Latest AspectC++ compiler which is for Win32. I found
> that the source file suffix in the examples is .cc, while the source
> file suffix in VC++ is .cpp. All the files suffix,which are generated
> by transforming the examples, are .cc, and I can't compile them with
> VC++6.0.
Starting from VC++ 7.0 ".cc" is accepted as the extension of a C++
source file.
> Third, AspectC++ compiler source provided by the website maybe lacks
> some files.For example, I can't find the files libxml/tree.h and
> libxml/parser.h which are necessary in file RepoXMLNode.h,how can i
> get them? All the source file suffix is .cc too, does this mean that
> the AspectC++ compiler is not developped by VC++ on Win32 platform?
Have a look at the README file in the AspectC++ directory of the source
code tarball. You can obtain the libxml from libxml.org. It's a third
party XML parser library, which is being used in many open source projects.

Don't try to compile Puma/AspectC++ with VC++. We usually compile it
with g++, even for the Win32 platform.
> Fourth,I want to know some details about the Compiler Option
> Usage.could you offer me some examples or the usage manual?
> With every good wish!
Did you already consult the compiler manual, which is available from the
AspectC++ web site?

Best regards,


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