[aspectc-user] A Roadmap for AspectC++

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Sat Nov 3 16:32:53 CET 2007

Dear Javier,

your observations are right. At the moment there is not much visible
progress. However, this will change. I have recently started my new job
as a professor at the University of Dortmund and this means that the
long phase of uncertainty has ended now.

As a first step I have updated the roadmap page on aspectc.org. I tried
to schedule the steps quite conservatively. Therefore, I am optimistic
that we can hold the deadlines.

Thanks a lot for your patience,


Javier Estrada schrieb:
> I've been following this technology with great interest for a couple of
> years--or more--and believe there is a lot of potential in incorporating
> aspects in C++.  I even bought the add-in for Visual Studio and have
> played with it.
> Ten months ago I posted noticed that there has been no visible update on
> the compiler--which I believe is still at the pre1.03--and it seems to
> still be the case.
> As another interesting note, have you noticed that the amount of
> postings has diminished considerably?  It seems to have peaked in 2004
> and 2005, but from there it seems to be gradually going down.
> I would like to kindly ask for a roadmap for the technology, or to know
> if it's going to be in perpetual Beta.  Quoting Voltaire, "Don't let the
> perfect be the enemy of the good."
> Regards,
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