[aspectc-user] bugs with real instances

Olaf Spinczyk os at aspectc.org
Fri Dec 12 14:57:23 CET 2008

Hi Leandro,

of course we are glad to get precise bug reports like these two! We are 
able to reproduce both problems. The first (string + string) seems to be 
a new problem. At the moment I don't see a workaround besides excluding 
the code from PUMA's parser by using #ifndef __puma. The second is a 
known problem. Matthias is working on it and promised to fix it by 
Sunday night. Meanwhile you could use 
"std::vector<bool,std::allocator<bool> >" instead of "std::vector<bool>".

Best regards,


Leandro Costa wrote:
> Guys, what to you think about the last two bugs I found in related to 
> real instances of templates?
> Do you think there are workarounds?
> In fact, the problem is in Puma. I ran tests only with the parser and 
> found the same errors.
> The first one is: string::operator+ is considered invalid by Puma
> ac++ says:
> error: invalid operand to binary `+'
> The second one is: Puma doesn't work with vector<bool> variables
> ac++ says:
> In instantiation of `vector<bool>':
> %vector<bool>:1: error: `_Tp1' undeclared here
> %vector<bool>:1: error: expected a type as argument 1
> %vector<bool>:1: error: `_Alloc' undeclared here
> %vector<bool>:1: error: expected a type as argument 1
>   - Aborting
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