[aspectc-user] Problems building SVN version of Puma

Matthias Urban matthias.urban at pure-systems.com
Tue Mar 24 19:20:07 CET 2009

Hi Kai,

>>> Any ideas?
>> I'm afraid not, at least not at the moment.
> Hm, do you think it is something with my setup? 
> My system is completely self-compiled, so g++/gcc should be ok...

That's a bit strange. The backtrace didn't help me much to understand
what's happening. Maybe we should make a last try with a self-compiled
ac++, but this time based on the current SVN version.

>>> Is it possible to get a woven build of Puma (no extensions) from you somehow?
>> That should be no problem. I could send you the woven sources for a
>> debug (or release?) build with no extensions. But you should know that
>> for real-world code you definitely need the GNU extension. If the code
>> you want to parse includes system headers, then you need it anyway.
> Ok, in this case i think GNU extensions make sense. My purpose is to
> parse C++ Files only :)	(no aspectc, mswin stuff needed)
> I think you know best which extensions to include.

OK, then with GNU extension for now.

> Is there a difference in the woven sources for debug/release? I would
> like to compile it myself, so the choice about debugging would be at
> this point, if the weaving process allows this.

The makefile sets NDEBUG if weaving/building a release version. If
compiling with 'make TARGET=linux' then NDEBUG is not set. This may lead
to compile problems. But you can of course adapt the makefile to always

> It would be nice to get the woven sources from the latest stable svn
> version. I'll get the documentation from the svn version.
> How is the state of this software, do you expect that I will need to
> keep up on the svn changes or not?

The development version of Puma is more stable than all releases before,
I hope :). We will put a new release on the homepage in the near future,
you may update from SVN until then.


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