[aspectc-user] Problems building SVN version of Puma

vimml at selgrad.org vimml at selgrad.org
Tue Mar 24 03:42:32 CET 2009

Hej Matthias!

> > Any ideas?
> I'm afraid not, at least not at the moment.
Hm, do you think it is something with my setup? 
My system is completely self-compiled, so g++/gcc should be ok...

> > Is it possible to get a woven build of Puma (no extensions) from you somehow?
> That should be no problem. I could send you the woven sources for a
> debug (or release?) build with no extensions. But you should know that
> for real-world code you definitely need the GNU extension. If the code
> you want to parse includes system headers, then you need it anyway.
Ok, in this case i think GNU extensions make sense. My purpose is to
parse C++ Files only :)	(no aspectc, mswin stuff needed)
I think you know best which extensions to include.

Is there a difference in the woven sources for debug/release? I would
like to compile it myself, so the choice about debugging would be at
this point, if the weaving process allows this.

It would be nice to get the woven sources from the latest stable svn
version. I'll get the documentation from the svn version.
How is the state of this software, do you expect that I will need to
keep up on the svn changes or not?

Thanks a lot for your help, and if you have someone really
source-involved near N├╝rnberg sometime... lets debug :)


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