[aspectc-user] Compiler errors

ciracis at ewi.utwente.nl ciracis at ewi.utwente.nl
Mon Apr 11 22:52:51 CEST 2011


I'm trying to weave an aspect to Ns3 code specifically simulator.cc .
Now this cc file includes several headers which compiles normally with
g++. However, they don't compile with ag++. The first part of the
problem are the types __uint128_t and __int128_t, specifically the lines:
typedef __uint128_t uint128_t;
typedef __int128_t int128_t;

For the machine I'm using __uint128_t is defined. but somehow ac++ (or
ag++) doesn't recognize the type. What can I do to make it recognize
the this type? I think it is treated as a primitive type not a struct.

Second problem is strange: I get the error:
./../build/debug/ns3/ptr.h:438: error: no matching function for call to
`PeekPointer' and in the same header peek pointer is defined as:
template <typename T>
T * PeekPointer (const Ptr<T> &p)
and the offending line is template <typename T>
Ptr<T>::Ptr (Ptr const&o)
  : m_ptr (PeekPointer (o))
{ .,.. }

I couldn't understand what exactly is going on here.

Thanks in advance,
Selim Ciraci

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