[aspectc-user] Announcement of AspectC++ 1.0

Olaf Spinczyk os at aspectc.org
Mon Apr 18 18:54:54 CEST 2011


the new release AspectC++ 1.0 is now available for download at 
www.aspectc.org ...

Version 1.0 (2011-04-18)

The last release of ac++ was a long time ago. Therefore, we can't list all changes here. This is just an overview about the most important
improvements. In general ac++ is now much better tested and many bugs have been fixed.

  * Slices can now effect other slices in a nested manner. In order to
    avoid infinitely nested slices, the command line option
    --introduction_depth has been implemented.

  * The joinpoint API has been extended by the file() and line()
    functions, which return the filename and line number of the
    joinpoint shadow.

  * Many compatibility problems with g++ have been fixed, such as
    search order when looking for include files, the distinction
    between system headers und user header files.

  * Numerous parser and preprocessor bugs have been fixed.

  * Many problems with the weaver's code generation have been fixed,
    especially for call advice, e.g. accessing private or protected
    member functions in call advice wrapper code.

... and the good news is: Version 1.1 is already under development. :-)

Have fun,

Olaf Spinczyk

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