[aspectc-user] AspectC++ and Nokia/Trolltech Qt

Alessandro Bottoni alexbottoni at yahoo.it
Tue Feb 1 15:39:06 CET 2011

I goggled around a little bit but I was unable to find any conclusive 
information about the use of AspectC++ with Nokia Qt library...

Is it possible to use AspectC++ with Qt?

Qt uses its own reflection technology based on macros and a specific 
pre-processor (MOC: Meta-Objects Compiler) that produces common C++ 
code. Does this technology interfere with the AspectC++ mechanism?

And, last but not least: the most recent messages of this ML dates back 
to July 2010, the last release of the library (1.0pre3) dates back to 
2006 and the last announcement on the AspectC++ wen sites dates back to 

Is the AspectC++ project still alive?

Is AspectC++ code still maintained and safe to use in real-world projects?


Alessandro Bottoni
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