[aspectc-user] AspectC++ and Nokia/Trolltech Qt

Alessandro Bottoni alexbottoni at yahoo.it
Tue Feb 1 20:03:41 CET 2011

Il 01/02/2011 18:15, Olaf Spinczyk ha scritto:
>> Is it possible to use AspectC++ with Qt?
> Yes, it is possible, even though some of the Qt header files cause parse
> errors. At the moment 171 out of 220 standard examples from the Qt 4.7.0
> distribution can be compiled with ag++ without errors (latest version
> from the subversion repository). The remaining 49 examples are work in
> progress.

Very good!

> For experimenting with it, run qmake with "QMAKE_CXX=ag++ --Xcompiler"
> (including the quotes). Then the generated Makefile will call ag++
> instead of g++ for compilation of all translation units. Please note
> that this simple integration approach does not handle file dependencies
> correctly. If you change any aspect header file, you need to recompile
> the whole project manually (make clean && make). If you know a good
> solution for this issue, please let me know. ;-)

Thanks for the info. I'll experiment with AspectC++ and the Qt in the 
next few days and let you know what happens.

>> Qt uses its own reflection technology based on macros and a specific
>> pre-processor (MOC: Meta-Objects Compiler) that produces common C++
>> code. Does this technology interfere with the AspectC++ mechanism?
> Yes, this is indeed a bit problematic. Because ac++ cannot manipulate
> macro-generated code, several generated functions have to be excluded
> from your pointcut expressions as in the following example:
> ---
> // these functions are created by moc and have macro-generated declarations
> pointcut moc_gen() =
> "const QMetaObject & %::getStaticMetaObject()" ||
> "const QMetaObject * %::metaObject()" ||
> "void * %::qt_metacast(const char *)" ||
> "int %::qt_metacall(QMetaObject::Call, int, void **)";
> aspect TestExecution {
> // advice for all but the generated functions
> advice execution("% ...::%(...)" && !moc_gen()) : before () {
> ...
> }
> };
> ---


>> And, last but not least: the most recent messages of this ML dates
>> back to July 2010, the last release of the library (1.0pre3) dates
>> back to 2006 and the last announcement on the AspectC++ wen sites
>> dates back to 2007.
>> Is the AspectC++ project still alive?
> Yes, we're alive! ;-)
> Frankly speaking, I can understand that the project appears to be dead.
> I haven't had time to update the web site and roll out releases for too
> long. However, if you check the svn logs, you'll see that we've
> continuously improved the parser and the weaver. There were also some
> updates of the debian and ubuntu packages of AspectC++. Right now the
> project is gaining more speed.

It's all right. I just wanted to be sure to not waste my time on a 
project that was could be already known for being abandoned since a long 

>> Is AspectC++ code still maintained and safe to use in real-world
>> projects?
> Well, this is something nobody can promise. The code is maintained, but
> AspectC++ is an open source project and not an expensive commercial
> thing. It has to be used with care and some good will.

OK, fine. Actually, commercial products are not always better than FOSS...

> PS: If you let me know which platform you are using, I will send you the
> latest binaries.

Many thanks, this would allow me to make some quick experiments and see 
if/how I can use ac++ in my projects.

I'm using a Linux Mint 10 Julia distro (a Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Merkaat 
derivative) with Qt 4.7.0 installed via synaptic form the Canonical 

Thanks again for you kind help and your quick response.


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