[aspectc-user] AspectC++ and Cygwin: Problems running ag++ wrapper

Christoph Kuznik christoph.kuznik at uni-paderborn.de
Mon Jul 18 10:58:19 CEST 2011

Hi everybody,

i'm quite new to aspectc++ 1.0 and unfortunatley I do have problems 
getting it compiling the examples under cygwin.

My Sstup:

- cygwin v1.7.9 (well the symlinks for g++ etc are working as you can 
see below) with gcc v4.3.4
- windows 7 machine
- i  use the provided win32 binaries of aspectc++
- i run cygwin shell with administrator priviledges

Running the makefile using make gives the same errors as below, i just 
extracted the single cmd lines so its easier to see something is really 
In general i wonder if the problem is more related to cygwin or the the 
aspectc++ ag++ wrapper?!

*1)* What is messed up with the temporary directories? Why are they in 
windows path style? Is there anyway to configure this manually to a 
cygwin path style directory?
*2)* I'm running other make-file based projects under the same cygwin 
installation, they use g++ and run without problems.
*3)* I looked out in the documentation but couldn't found the following: 
if i don't want to use the wrapper but perform every step manually in 
the shell, what is the right order?

So if any of you can provide me some neat hint, thank you very much in 

kuznik at box1 ~/aspectc++/examples/helloworld
$ ag++ -x c++ -c main.cc -o main.o
error: Execution failed: ""g++"  -x "c++"  -E -dM -v -x c++ 
"C:\Users\Christoph\agx9593.tmp" 2>C:\Users\Christoph\agx9595.tmp 
Zugriff verweigert

kuznik at box1 ~/aspectc++/examples/helloworld
$ g++ -x c++ -c main.cc -o main.o

kuznik at box1 ~/aspectc++/examples/helloworld
$ ls
Junk/  Makefile*  hello.h*  main.cc*  main.o  world.ah*
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