[aspectc-user] g++ header error: fixed in recent binaries?

Brandon Sanderson singingboyo at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 24 02:34:47 CET 2011

Hi all,

After googling quite a bit, I've been unable to find any recent binaries.  The ones that I have found are from 2006 (1.0pre3) and don't work if I include any header files.  From what I can gather from the error messages, ac++ is bailing on g++'s __attribute__ tags and also doesn't seem to like numerous other things in the standard headers (most saying error: 'XXX' is not a member of '::'.  In short, I get a massive string of error messages, some saying that there is an invalid declaration near token '__attribute__', with most others being the not a member errors.  I'm on Windows 7, with MinGW g++, using ag++ (though I've tried just ac++ to make sure).

I'm wondering whether this was a known bug, and has been fixed, and if it has, where I could get more recent binaries.  The errors from ac++ occur even when I compile the examples (for the Cache example, using the command 'ag++ -o cache main.cc ResultCache.cc -a Cache.ah') so I don't think its something I'm doing with my code, and g++ (compiling without the aspects) doesn't give me any errors.  When I first came across AspectC++, I was quite excited, because AspectJ (AOP for Java) has improved a lot of my Java code, and I was hoping to carry the same over to C++.  First, though, I need to get this working...

Thanks in advance,
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