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Olaf Spinczyk os at aspectc.org
Mon Feb 13 14:28:17 CET 2012

Hello Frederic!

This is a fully appropriate question.

Puma and AspectC++ are being developed by people who usually work under 
and prefer Linux. Therefore, Windows is not very well supported and 
tested. Sorry for that, but man power is limited.

However, I've just installed a mingw/msys environment and compiled the 
Puma library. This has worked fine:

1. Download and unpack the latest woven sources from aspectc.org
    (the latest are usually better than the 1.0 version)

2. In your msys shell go to aspectc++/Puma and enter "make 
TARGET=mingw-release compile".
    (don't use "win32-release", because this will try to use the 
linux->windows cross compiler! -> see vars.mk)
    (if you have a multi-core CPU, you can speed up compilation with 
"make ... -j<number of cores>")
    (after compilation, with a few harmless warnings, you'll have the 
library in Puma/lib/mingw-release/libPuma.a and the include files in 

3. In order to build a test application you can change into 
Puma/examples/parser and execute "make TARGET=mingw-release"

4. Now comes the only point that did not work for me as expected: The 
parser configuration file generation within the 'parser' test program. 
As a workaround you can download the binary AspectC++ package for win32 
and run "ag++ --gen_config -o puma.config". With the puma.config file 
and the 'parser' binary, you can test Puma, e.g. with "./parser --config 
puma.config -I ../../include -I ../../extern --lang-c++ parser.cc" -> 
This command parses the 'parser.cc' source code itself and all included 
Puma header files. You can play with the various --dump-... options to 
have a look at the syntax tree, the semantic database, or the 
instantiated templates if you want.

Best regards,


On 02/13/2012 06:40 AM, Frédéric Zimmer wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a newbie in aspect user, sorry by advance for my ignorance ;)
> I would like to build a version of Puma library. I'm under Microsoft Windows.
> I have installed all the required tools (gnuWin32, mingw, perl),
> follow INSTALL process, tried on the woven source package, modified
> makefiles, but without success...
> It it really possible to build Puma lib under Windows ?
> Is there a explanation of the process to follow somewhere ?
> Do I need to build a first part under Linux then a second part under Windows ?
> Or simply, is there a place where I could download Puma lib&  includes
> directly ?
> Many thanks by advance for your assistance, I'm completely jammed...
> Regards.
> Frederic Zimmer.
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