Fwd: [aspectc-user] How can I install AC++ on my computer?

刘果 joseph04912654 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 05:15:56 CET 2014

Yes, and I got "/usr/include/c++/4.7/iostream". I also tried it in "ag++ -o
main main.cpp --include `iostream path`" , but the same error came out. ;(

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 Am 11.03.2014 14:56, schrieb 刘果:

Hello ,
       I am a student of software engineering in China, and my teacher
asked us to do something with aspectc++. I am using UBUNTU 12.04 , so , I
went to http://www.aspectc.org/ and got the latest version(1.2  Linux/x86).
 Then got the "aspectc++" directory. But when I run "make" command in the
directory, I got "no include path path in which to find `iostream` "
message. Also , I have tried to install it by "sudo apt-get install
apsectec++ " command, and run "ag++ -o main main.cpp" (main.cpp is in
aspectc++/examples/helloworld directory) , get the same message again, also
with "ag++ -o main main.cpp --include `iostream path` "! Could somebody
tell me how can i fix it ?  Thanks a lot.

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 That sounds like some part of gcc/g++ includes is missing?

Did you try to 'find /usr -type f -name "iostream"' the missing file?

Heiko Nardmann
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