[aspectc-user] Qt + MSVC + AspectC++. Is it possible to?

Olaf Spinczyk os at aspectc.org
Tue May 30 18:11:00 CEST 2017

Hello Denis!

The *short* version of the answer is: Don't use ac++ with different
compilers than g++ or clang++ and better work on Linux than on Windows.
The manual has to be corrected. Sorry!

Here is the *long* version: In theory the clang-based C++ front-end of
ac++ should be able to deal with VisualC++ code. However, you need a
proper parser configuration file (ac++ --system-config <file>). In this
file all predefined macros, the standard include paths, and a few other
options have to be specified. For g++ all this is generated
automatically by ag++, but for VisualC++ we don't have such tool, yet.
It would have to be done manually. I haven't tried that since VisualC++
7 (or so).

As the number of requests for VisualC++ compatibility is growing
recently, I plan to look into it, but I can tell you neither when I will
have time nor what the outcome might be.

Best regards,


On 05/30/2017 11:44, Денис wrote:
> Good day!
> We've been fighting for a week already over the launch of "HellowWorld"
> under Qt and MSVC. 
> Tell me please is it even possible? Has anyone done this? There are nuances?
> The documentation says that it seems like "The ac ++ parser aims at
> being compatible with Microsoft Visual C ++ 7 and later." :(
> MinGW unfortunately we are not suitable, because there is no 64 bit
> version for Qt + there are problems for working Apache Thrift with Qt +
> MinGW
> Regards, Denis.
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