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AspectC++ Documentation

AspectC++ Language and Tools

AspectC++ Language Quick Reference Sheet gives a brief overview about the AspectC++ language.

AspectC++ Language Reference (HTML) is a detailed AspectC++ language description (work in progress). In addition to the English version there is a Russian translation contributed by Oleg Ponomarev (not fully up-to-date).

AspectC++ Compiler Manual (HTML) explains the usage and command line options of the ac++ AspectC++ compiler.

Ag++ Manual explains the ag++ wrapper command, which provides a very simple interface to ac++ in environments with a GNU g++ back-end compiler.

Application Notes

Using AspectC++ for Qt Application Development (Example Code)

Other Documents

The following additional documents were written for the European AOSD Network of Excellence as an overview of AspectC++ based on the manuals for AspectC++ 0.9.3 (out of date!):

AspectC++ Language Overview

AspectC++ Execution Model Overview

For scientific papers and tutorial slides about AspectC++ look into the Publications section.